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Admission 2022/23

You can find the forms for the admission to year 1- year 8 classes here:

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First Language Lessons

In Austria, schoolchildren with a first language other than German and those who grow up bilingually in the family are entitled to take part in first language lessons, regardless of their citizenship, the length of stay in Austria and their German language skills. This represents an important educational offer for multilingual students. The command of several languages ​​is important for our society to grow together.

First language lessons at the general compulsory schools in Tyrol are expected to be in fifteen languages ​​in the school year 2022/23 (Arabic*, Bosnian / Croatian / Serbian*, Bulgarian*, Chinese*, French, Italian, Persian*, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian* , Spanish*, Turkish*, Hungarian* and Ukrainian) and at the middle and high schools in Tyrol probably in nine languages.

Registration until July 7, 23. Late registrations are also possible at the beginning of school.

After School Care Programme 2023/24


Reservation of our AULA

Dear event manager/s,

We are pleased that you want to reserve the auditorium of our school for your event. To ensure that you can hold your event without disruption, we kindly ask you to fill in this form and to return it to us no later than one week before the date of the event. Thereafter, your event can be approved by the management.

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