International School Innsbruck - an IB World School

Situated in the heart of the Alps, International School Innsbruck is a culmination of a motivated community of initiators in the west of Austria. Today, as an IB World School, we look forward to continuing the traditions of international education in Tirol. Since 1996, Akademisches Gymnasium Innsbruck has been teaching students bilingually and in particular in the learning areas of Mathematics, Geography and Economics, and Biology and Environmental Science. The learning concept with English as a parallel instructional language has developed progressively and in consultation with parents and students.

Alongside the acquisition of a targeted higher-level English competency, students are educated using subject-specific English in the learning areas. Further selected subjects are also taught bilingually and supported by native English-speaking staff. Our international focus also includes the fundamental importance of languages as a gateway to international open-mindedness, cultural awareness and a development of the individual striving for excellence in a globalised world.

Our programmes are designed so that even students without a prior knowledge of a foreign language such as English, are well supported by our experience of the past 17 years. The international class is open to all primary school graduates with talented language skills. International students arriving in Innsbruck are also provided with an attractive learning programme in which to continue their education.

The final two years of upper secondary schooling (School Level 11 & 12) include the teaching of parallel curricula – the Austrian National Curriculum and that of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. Alongside the compulsory Austrian School Leaving Examination (Österreichische Matura) students have the opportunity, in their final year, to participate in and graduate from the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

Mag. Rosmarie Knoflach MA

Director of School
International School Innsbruck
Akademisches Gymnasium Innsbruck

E: Rosmarie Knoflach
T: +4350 902 801 0
F: +4350 902 801 900

Young people walk through our doors everyday. Since 1562, it has been our privilege, as a school, to receive them, their self motivations and their desire to continue the journey through life itself. This understanding brings with it a great responsibility that we readily accept and desire ourselves. We understand this learning relationship is shared with parents and the students. Their families place a great deal of trust in our ability to accompany all on this journey.

In working closely with the school community, our vision is to create a learning environment that is supportive of the pillars of our ideals:

As an IB World School, the International Bilingual School Innsbruck is an integral element of our implementation of these ideals. Our students have often begun their journeys in many other lands. Through their decision to join our school, we are able to harness and utilise their global experiences. Through their full participation in our community we can provide them with a strong learning environment but also allow them to provide an international facet that enriches the learning process of those students involved in our network classes. Through experience we recognise the value that this brings for each individual that attends our school.

I look forward to meeting all prospective parents and guardians together with their students. I welcome you to visit our school and discover the unique learning environment that International School Innsbruck presents.


Stephen Dea B.Ed.

ISI & IB Diploma Programme Coordinator
International School Innsbruck
Akademisches Gymnasium Innsbruck

T: +43 (0) 50902-801-0
F: +43 (0) 50902-801-4
E: Stephen Dea

The bilingual International School Innsbruck is a place of cultural learning. Through the international branch of our school we endeavour to ensure that our learners' eyes open to a more interesting world where an individual finds motivation to further believe in the true potential of oneself, others and our environment.

Our experience in bilingual education began in 1996. This time has prepared us well for a new step towards our objective to become an International Baccalaureate World School. A highly professional team of academic teaching staff and further supported by native speaking teachers from the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Australia ensure the delivery of learning, as our students work to obtain a high-level competency in both English and German These competencies are further developed through intensive use of these languages in subjects such as Geography, Biology, Mathematics and Music

Frank Smith, a well known psycho-linguist from the UK helps us to understand the opportunities that exist in bilingual education, when he says, “One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.”

As coordinator of the International School Innsbruck and the IB Diploma Programme, I would like to welcome you to our school. Our website will provide you with a brief insight into the our school. We invite all those interested, through our website, to take the time to get to know our school, our staff and students and the learning that we all share. I also welcome the opportunity to meet with members our school community and those who wish to join us.

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