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TSN Moodle

Methodical diversity promotes the motivation within education. Differing teaching and learning forms lead students sequentially to a self-directed learning. Subject specific learning is valued in all lessons. The education via traditional learning media is complimented by modern information technologies.

We operate with extended appraisal models and an equitable, encouraging learning environment reflective of mistakes. As educators, we strive to ensure that all students with appropriate abilities and a willingness to learn receive an education that enables them to continue on an unobstructed pathway.

Innovative projects at Akademisches Gymnasium Innsbruck create successful contacts to a school external global environment.

As a pilot school for the ministry of education trialling new media, AGI places a great value in the utilisation of information technologies in our school. A modernised reference centre and media centre serve to promote research oriented learning. tsnMoodle as an online learning platform supports staff and students in continuing their teaching and learning beyond the classroom.

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