After School Care Programme

Parents' Information Evening (presentation)

We wish to inform you about the offer of an after-school programme at the Akademisches Gymnasium Innsbruck. The registration for after-school care is valid for the entire school year. The binding registration is made with the registration form to be received before Friday, 15.9.2023. We ask you to return the registration form to the school secretary no later than 12 pm. The after-school care takes place on all school days (provided the minimum number of students are registered). We will inform you ahead of time about days should the after-school programme be cancelled.

An Information Evening is planned for Wed. 13.09.2023 at 17:30 in the assembly hall.


After-school care takes place in the premises of the neighbouring Jesuit College (Universitätsstraße 8a). The pupils are obliged to come to the after-school care premises immediately following their final formal lesson. The pupils leave the school building independently and go to the Jesuit college. For this, the pupils do not have to cross a road, the premises can be reached in two minutes by foot. By registering for this after-school care programme, you agree that your daughter/son will travel to the premises on his/her own. At the beginning of the school year the children will be accompanied.


In general, we offer after-school supervision from Monday to Thursday from 12:40 pm (or the end of lessons) until 5:00 pm and on Friday until 4:05 pm.

12:40 – 13:30 Individual learning time or free time
13:30 – 14:20 Lunch and free time
14:20 – 15:10 Obligatory learning time (subject-specific (Ger., Maths, English or Ger. as a second language) or individual learning time)
15:10 – 17:00 (16:05 on Friday) Individual learning time, free time or creative time (Creative, natural sciences and sport) The exact plan will be published on the homepage in September.


The monthly contribution depends on the level of care. In total, there are 10 monthly contributions. A reduction of the monthly after-school care programme payment can be made by applying to the provincial school board for Tyrol.

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We will have lunch together in the neighbouring canteen of the SOWI faculty. The costs are currently between € 4,00 and € 7,50. If there are allergies or special dietary needs, please contact us. The cost of the lunch is not included in the amounts above and is paid daily by the pupils on site.

Absence – Apologies

The hours of after-school care are considered school hours. Should your daughter/son not be able to attend the afternoon care for any reason, a written apology must be provided for your son/daughter and in advance (in the morning till 10:00 or the previous day). Verbal/Telephone apologies cannot be accepted for legal reasons. Changes to the discharge period are possible in exceptional cases (e.g. doctor's visit, etc.), but must be communicated early. Again, we ask you to respect the fixed discharge times (14:20, 15:10, 16:05, 17:00).
The after-school programme team at the Akademisches Gymnasium is looking forward to working with your children and will be happy to answer any questions you may have!


Tel: +436602543463 (phone only available during after-school care hours)

Registration for After-School Care Programme