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Dear Parents

As school doctor, I am responisble for the health and well-being of your child whilst they are in attendance at the Akademisches Gymnasium Innsbruck. This role has been allocated with one hour per 60 students. The following information provides an overview of the clinical services offered to our school community.


The majority of my work is to provide counselling for students, teachers, management and parents and/or guardians. The counselling services aid not only medical but also school, health, parenting and child developmental concerns. Please do not hesitate to utilise this wide and varied range of counselling. At times, a short visit can relieve many of the concerns that a family may have. Where it is not possible to provide a relevant service, I will make every effort to connect families with a professional counsel.


In the event of illness, the treatment of students should continue to be undertaken by your local practitioner. School doctors are neither equipped nor are they entitled to treat patients on a longer term basis. Naturally, I am able to provide care for illness or injuries within the timeframe of my ordination at the school. Furthermore, I am in a position to provide advice to those persons who may have concerns regarding anything that may indicate an illness or injury or one requires further explanation of a current or developing condition; or advice as to where a family may receive suitable and competent counselling or treatment.

School Health Examinations

Although the advisory role plays a major part in my role as the school doctor, I am also largley committed to student health examinations. These examinations are routine clinical health checks that each student undertakes annually. Specific specialist examinations such as annual dental checks or chronical illness checks are not covered by these examinations. These age-specific examinations, which begin in the pregnancy of the mother, serve to maintain an observation of the healthy development of a child. The most common examination results during a student‘s period of growth include concerns in the fine motor skills and vision impairment.

As basis for these exmainations, parents are asked to complete a health questionairre which provides a medical history of your child‘s health. I ask that parents and guardians make every effort to complete these questions to the best of their knowledge.

Parent Communication

Should I make an observation or have a concern regarding a child, I will contact parents and guardians directly with an official document. Further counselling and required treatment provided by other medical practitioners should be recorded on this document and returned to me as soon as possible. In the case where the results of an examination are known or the child is in treatment, could I ask that parents communicate this information in written form so as to ensure that families are being well cared for.


In my role, I am required to provide the school and the principal with an official approval for an exemption or consideration, (often for subjects such as sport or consideration for test and exams), when a medical condition prevents of student from participating. Such an approval requires a family to make an application at the next possible available appointment. Essential is proof of a medical diagnosis together with a foreseeable timeframe for the exemption or consideration.

Ordination Times

Monday Tuesday and Thursday

Contact per telephone can be made using the number +43 (0) 50902 801 600 or by contacting the school secretary.

I look forward to your cooperation in these matters and wish your child a safe and healthy period whilst attending the Akademisches Gymnaisum Innsbruck

Dr. Birgit Atzwanger

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