Kids Donate for Kids

Two classes of the Akademisches Gymnasium were able to collect 450 euros with their own originally produced musicals, which they have now donated to support unaccompanied minor refugees. Bernd Juen, the umr-coordinator of the TSD, in conversation with the pupils.

The approximately 50 students of the classes 2C and 2D of the Academic Gymnasium Innsbruck quickly realized what would happen with the donations from their own originally produced musicals: Instead of a joint visit to the cinema or a trip, the kids wanted to help children in difficult situations. Their decision was made to donate funds to aid unaccompanied minor refugees (umF) in Tyrol.

“What are you doing there?” – donation as a school lesson

On March 28, 2017, umF coordinator Bernd Juen finally received this generous donation on behalf of the TSD. For two hours the two classes took time to discuss war, flight, strangeness and childhood. Beginning with the question of who the Tyrolean social services are (“you're social!”, As recalled in the last series), Bernd works with students to develop basic questions as well as insights into the everyday lives of young refugees.

Why do asylum seekers have to prove that their country of origin is at war? Why is it so difficult for many to learn our language and writing? What does the leisure time activities of the 200 umFs in Tyrol look like and do they also have to go to school? Are you allowed to have pets and what happens when a child becomes full age?

Bernd Juen explains the processes of the Austrian asylum procedure, the nuances in the Arabic alphabet, tells of numerous sporting activities with umfs and describes their everyday life between school, German courses and leisure activities. It's about beautiful experiences as well as the difficulties that living in a foreign country can bring for young people. The two lessons are barely enough to inform the eager donors satisfactorily. Shortly before the festive final photo, numerous kids put their hands up for further questions.

Donations that actually go where it is needed.

But one question must Bernd urgently answer: “What are you doing with our money then?” The total of 450 euros of the two classes are used for the education and training of unaccompanied minor refugees. For example, additional costs for school material can be covered or travel costs for excursions can be co-financed.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our young donors. Not only for their generous idea to donate their income to a good cause, but also for an exciting morning together at the Akademisches Gymnasium Innsbruck. Education creates understanding and overcomes boundaries. We are happy to have experienced so much joy in understanding in classes 2C and 2D.