Zukunftstag 2018 - EUSALP | zukunft. gemeinsam. gestalten. Im Interesse der Alpen!

Future day was a great learning experience for the whole class and, frankly, just alot of fun. Class 3A enjoyed being included in exploring such large and important topics.

We started off our trip by checking out some of the stands that contributors had set up. There was a stand with cheese, one that showed the effects of gravel vs grass for a flood prevention – which was very informative, and one particularly interesting one about clean energy. The stands were easily one of the more enjoyable parts of the excursion.

We continued our trip by handing our coats to the people at the coat booth. Usually that would come first, but we were just really excited! Following our free time looking at these information stands, we were able to eat some food. The food, I must say, was absolutely delicious. We then attended a very enlightening seminar about Innsbrucks upcoming changes in the economy, industry and agriculture.

My favorite part of this seminar was the interactive questionnaires. We all received a device that resembled a calculator and there was a screen at the front of the auditorium. A question was displayed at the top of the auditorium screen. There were 4 possible answers and we would choose the one that we deemed right. After everyone voted, we would see the most popular answer. It was a very creative way of informing people not to mention, was really fun. After the meeting we were all given a complementary solar powered power block. Bit of a tongue twister, but cool nonetheless.

A few volunteers then got to tour the stalls again, but this time with Günther Platter, the governor of Tirol. We got to personally speak to the people running the stalls. Lots of photos were taken and we got to meet a very important person. Afterwards we enjoyed a glass of juice at the refreshment area. We absolutely enjoyed this experience and loved getting to meet these important people. The way this day was planned was fantastic. They let us inform ourselves with the stalls, and then tested what we knew at the seminar. Also, we feel that it is very important to include our age group in such discussions about the future. The economy, industry and agriculture are always changing, and we have to keep up. After all, we are the future, aren’t we?

Giselle Hold Class 3A