International School

HPV Immunisation programme

for the 1. Class on 15.5.19

Ministry for Health Information Site

Autumn holidays 2019/20 and 2020/21

In its meeting on 13 March 2019, the SGA at the Academic Gymnasium Innsbruck decided that for the school year 2019/20 the application (already approved in the meantime) for approval of the autumn holidays from 26 October to 2 November 2019 should be submitted to the Directorate of Education, whereby the 28th, 29th, 30th and 31st October 2019 should be declared as days without instruction.


Registration for the upcoming parent teacher interviews

on Thursday, the 11. April 2019

from 17.00 to 20.00 is once again accesible online via WebUntis

For a problem-free registration please take note of the following instructions:


School Holiday Dates – for the school year 2019/20


Important Dates

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Advent in the mk Youth Centre

Tuesday 4., 11., 18.12. at 7:00 am
in the mk –

followed by breakfast

AGI – Graduates in the WU Top League

The three AGI graduates Dorothee Kapelari, Simon Vötter and Pia Kluckner from l.n.r) from 2016, have been accepted in the Top League – a Program of the Vienna University of Economics and Business.


What is an IB education?

Follow the link to find out more.


Parent Information Evening for those families moving into senior years schooling.

Thursday 30. November 2017, at 18.30 in the AGI-Aula


Sparkling Science

The University of Innsbruck and the Akademisches Gymnasium are in cooperation with the project Sparkling Science

Claudia Rauchegger-Fischer and Irmgard Senhofer


Language and cultural tour in the UK
Class 3A



Am Akademischen Gymnasium Innsbruck wird seit vielen Jahren die Unverbindliche Übung Chemie-Olympiade für Schüler/innen ab der 5. Klasse angeboten, die sich großer Beliebtheit erfreut. Der Kurs findet je nach Teilnehmer-Zahl jede Woche oder jede zweite Woche an einem Nachmittag (2 Unterrichtsstunden) statt.


International School Innsbruck

The bilingual International School Innsbruck is a place of cultural learning. Through the international branch of our school we endeavour to ensure that our learner's eyes open to a more interesting world where an individual finds motivation to further believe in the true potential of oneself, others and our environment.


Modern Information Screens

Just in time for the new school year,we have been able to activate these modern school information screens for students and visitors.


WiFi all over!

The entire school is now connected to a school WiFi network. This service is free to all students. Prerequiste is an appliaction with parental permission.