Class 6A in the USA

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Friday – 6th of March

by Anton Bruckner

Friday was quite an interesting day. The class met at 7.30 am. From there each scholar had a shadow host that guided them around the high school. Since there was a half day at Jackson High School, school ended at around 11.30 am with each lesson only lasting for about 30 minutes. In comparison to Austria, the lessons were quite easy and the students attending them didn´t seem to be very disciplined or interested. After school had ended, the entire class walked to the city hall of Jackson. There, we were greeted by the mayor himself. He introduced himself and told us a little bit of the town. He was nice enough to let us take the elevator onto the fourteenth floor and enjoy the amazing view of the city of Jackson. Too bad the weather wasn´t better. After getting to enjoy the view for some time, we had a lunch break. We split up into two groups, but both went to Mexican restaurants. I think most of us were very pleased by the cuisine. At 1pm everybody met up at the Michigan theatre and got a tour by a man working there. He was as nice as to give us popcorn. He showed us around backstage and told us stories of how the theater used to be. We walked to the YMCA from there where we were able to engage in sports. Some of us ended up lifting a bit of weights while others merely walked around and talked to their friends. There was also a running track where you were able to run rounds. Basketball courts were also there so that was a possibility as well. Our host picked us up at 4 pm and then we went into our basement and played a bit of pool. I was in the host family with Jayde and Matteo. At 6pm our family drove to a restaurant where there were American specialties. A duet of blues musicians was playing there so that was a fun experience as well. We also enjoyed the very good food. Friday was definitely a fun day with lots of interesting things going on.