Important Dates for 2019/20




Sa, 30.5. - Di, 2.6.20



Pentecost Holidays

Thu, 11.6.20




Fr, 12.6.20



School holiday for Tirol

Sa, 11.7. – So, 13.9.20



Summer Holidays

Mo, 14.9.20



First day of school 2020/21



Autumn holidays 2019/20 and 2020/21

Following an amendment of the School Time Act, the legislator will create uniform autumn holidays throughout Austria. This new legislation will apply from the school year 2020/21 for the period from 27 October to 31 October inclusive. The school holidays will then be introduced by the abolition of Tuesdays after Easter and Whitsun as well as by a reduction in the number of school-autonomous days.

The Education Directorate for Tyrol has decided that in Tyrol the planned possibility of introducing the autumn holidays will not be used for the school year 2019/20 and that the decision will be left to the school community committees. At the request of the schools, 2019/20 autumn holidays can thus be prescribed for the last time.

In its meeting on 13 March 2019, the school community committee at the Academic Gymnasium Innsbruck decided that for the school year 2019/20 the application (already approved in the meantime) for approval of the autumn holidays from 26 October to 2 November 2019 should be submitted to the Directorate of Education, whereby the 28th, 29th, 30th and 31st October 2019 should be declared as days without instruction. These days are brought in by the 3 school autonomous days and by the omission of the Tuesday after Easter as school-free day. This means that on Tuesday, April 14, 2020, scheduled lessons will take place.